Terms & Condition

Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. This Agreement is entered into this ________ day of _________, 20__ between __________________________, as the “RENTER” and Mid-Coast Family Rentals, LLC “MCFR,”a Maine limited liability company whose principal place of business is Maine, for the duration of the “RENTAL PERIOD”.
  2. The RENTAL PERIOD is represented by Delivery and Pick-up dates, unless an alternative RENTAL PERIOD has been pre-arranged with MCFR.
  3. MCFR remains the sole owner of all its “EQUIPMENT”.
  4. Terms and details of rental are set forth in “RENTAL SLIP.”
  5. The RENTER agrees to pay the rental fee at the time of reservation of EQUIPMENT. Cash, checks drawn on local banks, and credit cards payments are accepted.  RENTER agrees to Terms and Conditions of Use for all credit card payments.
  6. In the event the RENTER decides to cancel the present Agreement prior to delivery of the EQUIPMENT, the RENTER hereby agrees to pay the amount set forth in the RENTAL SLIP if cancellation is made less than fourteen (14) days prior to the expected delivery. Refunds will be issued at 50% if the order is canceled at least 2 weeks prior to rental delivery.
  7. MCFR does not accept responsibility for content posted on any website that is linked to its own.
  8. In the event that the RENTER wishes to extend the RENTAL PERIOD, RENTER must advise MCFR forty-eight (48) hours prior to end of RENTAL PERIOD and additional charges must be paid prior to the RENTAL PERIOD extension.
  9. MCFR is not responsible for any manufacturer defects or any other product liabilities resulting in the use of the EQUIPMENT and RENTER hereby recognizes that the RENTER is using the EQUIPMENT at RENTER’S own risk and that MCFR in not making any representations or warranties, either express or implied, as to the EQUIPMENT.
  10. The RENTER hereby recognizes that the EQUIPMENT shall be for personal use only.
  11. The RENTER authorizes MCFR to charge their credit card the full replacement value on any EQUIPMENT that is damaged, lost or stolen while in possession of the renter.
  12. The RENTER agrees not to disassemble, modify, alter, attempt to repair, or change the EQUIPMENT in any manner.    In the event that MCFR determines the need to repair or perform maintenance on EQUIPMENT as a result of RENTER misuse or improper use, RENTER shall pay MCFR for any repairs, replacement parts, or EQUIPMENT replacement.
  13. The RENTER hereby agrees that the EQUIPMENT shall not be taken out of the State of Maine without written authorization from MCFR.
  14. The RENTER hereby agrees to pay any transportation fees related to the delivery or pick-up of the EQUIPMENT to and from the RENTER where necessary.
  15.  Credit card for payment:  This provision applies to RENTERS making rental payment by credit card.  RENTER will be charged for the rental of equipment for the rental period stated in RENTAL SLIP.  RENTER’S signature on this Agreement is verification that the credit card is valid and you are authorized to use.  This Agreement also verifies that you will be charges on this credit card for the cost of any equipment lost, damaged, or stolen.  If the rental contract is extended beyond terms stated on RENTAL SLIP all extensions will also be charged on the credit card provided on RENTAL SLIP unless another payment method has been agreed upon in writing.
  16. Credit card on hold:  Credit card given to MCFR to hold for security will be held on file and not charged unless agreed upon payment terms are breached by RENTER.  RENTER will be charged for the rental with credit card on hold if payment is not made by terms set upon RENTAL SLIP.  Credit card will also be charged for the cost of any EQUIPMENT lost, stolen, or damaged unless another payment method has been agreed upon in writing.
  17. The present Agreement is governed by laws of the State of Maine.

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